About Us

IZM Productions was established in 2010 by Irina Izmestieva, a Ukraine-born filmmaker.

We produce shorts and feature films, music videos, as well as advertising. Based in London, we make use of cutting edge technology and the latest means of production to make films that are both inspired and original.

We aspire to be a provider of high-quality creative services with a passion for excellence and at affordable prices for our clients.


London-based IZM Productions offers a broad range of services for professional filmmakers, covering the entire filmmaking cycle, from pre-production through the shooting and production phase to post-production facilities and delivery. We produce short and feature films, music videos, commercials as well as offer stage production services for entertainment events.

We can fully service your production by providing and sourcing the following:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Casting
  • Renting and maintenance of equipment (cameras, lighting, etc.)
  • Production design - prop hire
  • Film development and processing
  • Digital film editing
  • Sound recording and mixing
  • Special effects and computer graphics
  • Promotional activities
  • Building a Web presence