Venice 70. Put one evening at Palazzo

There are those who believe in the value of words. Those who relies entirely on the power of images. The director and the Russian journalist Irina Izmestieva, blond-haired and statuesque body (looks more like an actress), built a short 30 minutes to support the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words. It's called Picture perfect and tells of a man in the twilight of life, embittered by hatred of the father and loneliness, which finds itself in an old picture, bought at a flea market beneficial, Gloria, the girl left but continued to cherish for a lifetime.

The image of the girl, who died prematurely of pneumonia, comes to life, it changes the existence of man, David, and finally takes it away with him.

This short addresses issues "important" as loneliness, death and forgiveness. And, when we were all engrossed in thinking about our lives, the eclectic Prince Maurice Agosti, perfect host of the evening, turned off the lights and turned on the music, to make us forget.

All this was in the beautiful location of Palazzo Tiepolo family Nassi, for the first time open to the public, because the Venice Film Festival in Venice Lido is not just.

By Elizabeth Smith.