Paese Roma. Venice, Palazzo Tiepolo, Italian first screening of "Picture Perfect"

IZM Productions and Prince Maurice - September 7, 2013: Submitted by Daniela Paties Montagner under Art & Culture, Events.

The poetry in images of Russian director Irina Izmestieva arrives in Venice.

In conjunction with the 70. International Film Festival of Venice, the other night in Venice, in the sixteenth century Palazzo Tiepolo, San Polo 2724, the presentation- for the first time in Italy, the short film "Picture Perfect" from Russian director Irina Izmestieva.

Picture Perfect, shot in June 2012 IZM Productions, and was written by award-winning writers Peter Devonald and Kevin Scrantz and produced by Rebecca Knapp, nominated for BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

Shot in England, amongst lavender fields, the short film tells the story of David - an elderly gentleman apparently hard and introverted character, who returns to the country di'infanzia, after a life spent in Scotland. When his sister Muriel pulls for charity flea market, is a painting that portrays Gloria - his first and only great love of youth, who died prematurely of pneumonia. The image of the picture changes from day to day, the girl seems to come to life, colors appear more alive and lavender flowers give off a fragrance.

The cast starring John Carson (actor of over 150 films, including Doomsday), Tina Gray, Sidney Kean, Edward Elgood, Marie Everett, Diana Korzun, and Ivor the terrier dog.

Picture Perfect tackles themes of regret, forgiveness and the desire to change the past. Rather than the dialogues between the characters, the communicative strength lies in the images that speak to the viewer. Images of a lost love, then found through a picture.

Picture Perfect has recently won the " Best Director Award "at the Khrarkov Lilac Film Festival, received a nomination for Best Cinematography [Best Film,- IZM] at the Suffolk International Film Festival and will soon be screened in Kent to ' Electric Lantern Film Festival’. The short was also selected for the 4th Corinthian Peleponnesien Interntional Film Festival which will take place in December 2013.

Finally, during the evening at Palazzo Tiepolo, the President of the "Venice Events Academy", the Prince Maurice Agosti Durazzo Montenaro, announced that the Steering Committee will award the short with a ceremony dedicated with the following motivation: "For the delicacy and originality in addressing the issue of old age, sadness and love with a touch of melancholy and esotericism."