Extract from ‘Moskovsky Komsomolets’ Review of Film Festival in Venice

On one of the days of the Festival there was a reception in honour of our former countrywoman Irina Izmestieva. It was organised by Prince Maurice Agosti, the President of the “Venice Events Academy”, who arrived dressed in the costume of Kazanova. He was thrilled to present to the audience the film “Picture Perfect” and its art director Irina Izmestieva, who had originally studied to be an engineer.

She was born in Dnepropetrovsk, then moved to Moscow and later to London, where she graduated from the Film Academy. Her classmate at the Academy was Ivan Panfilov, the son of Inna Churikova and Gleb Panfilov. She had shot some short films and is now working on a full-length film about incest. To make herself better known to a wider audience she decided to present her short film “Picture Perfect” in Venice.

The guests at the reception were quite an interesting crowd including an Italian model Aisha Seck who surprised everybody by her performance.

Irina herself translates “Picture Perfect” как “Идеальная картина”, but an English version may have another meaning connected to the use of Past Perfect Tense. In the film an old gentleman (John Carson) tries to return back to his past times, which is of course impossible. A picture he bought in a flea market of a young girl who he loved in his youth comes to life but we all know, one cannot go back in time.

One of the parts is played by Diana Korzun. Her character works in a pub and tries to be very sympathetic to the old chap.

Screening had to take place several times as new guests continued to arrive by boat (It was Venice!).

A truly fine film especially for a young art director. Good acting with a hint of old fashion films which made it special.

Overall it was an exclusive event and a quite well done but it is a pity none of the actors were present at the reception.

By Svetlana Khokhryakova, September 2013